Goulash is Ready

I went to work later than usual today, so I had a chance to whip up a gigantic batch of goulash for tomorrow’s class. There’s so much, in fact, that I can easily split it between my family and you guys. I used beef and potatoes again.

I’m asking my parents to warm up a large batch for tomorrow, and I’ll pick it up on my way to class. I might be a few minutes late. I’ll also bring some bowls and spoons I will “borrow” from work. I’m bringing sour cream, as well, as that’s usual to serve with goulash and a little bit goes a long way.

See you all tomorrow, and bring your appetites.

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2 Comments on “Goulash is Ready”

  1. colamaria Says:

    Great! Looking forward to it. Glad you gave us a warning so I won’t eat a big dinner.

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