Final Project

Well, I’m nowhere near where I planned to be when I volunteered last week. Still, I had an “aha!” moment last night about how the site should look, so I know the next steps I need to take.

It’s not at all clear, simply from how my site looks at the moment, what I am going to do. I am going to make it look like a newspaper. I realized this last night, as I was looking at images of Pravda, which I saved on my computer. I plan to break the part between the header and footer into two columns, with the image on the left with a description and the introductory comments on the right. When I start to load up video, I might make them look like photographs one sees at the top of news articles. From now on, online newspapers will be my models for how the site will look.

I would love to work more on the site right now, but I need to close up at work and get to class. Plus, I think my brain needs a rest. Please be gentle with me tonight, and consider what I’ve done so far as barely a first draft.

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