Playing with Omeka

Instead of catching up on my postings for class this weekend, I decided to try to put together a basic version of my final project (and design assignment) with Omeka. After a great deal of work, with help from Jeremy Boggs, I managed to put this together. As it is, the site needs a great deal of work, but at least I know how to modify it using CSS. Learning how to modify it is the thing on which I worked the most this weekend.

I don’t know about the rest of you who are using Omeka, but it seems like a great program. I would have never tried it, if I could not modify themes. Looking at the sites built with Omeka gives me confidence that I can build a site in the way I want, not just in the basic format of the available themes. Once again, I have a good example of the value of understanding XHTML and CSS for history.

At this point, I haven’t fully formed an opinion about Omeka. I need to spend much more time playing with it. Nevertheless, it seems like it is not a program for web design-novices. I feel like I am learning a lot just from trying to modify a theme. Without Jeremy, I would never have figured out how to load the program onto a server. Regardless, as I’m building my final project, I will be posting about Omeka.

As for the next steps with the site, I need to change its colors and navigation. It seems like the basic format is going to come together after that. I don’t like that there is a menu under the header and also at the bottom of the page. Probably like my mockup in Clio I, I am going to keep the same navigation for each page of the site. Maybe a navigation bar on the top under or across the bottom of the header would be nice. I also want to get rid of the “Featured Item,” “Recently Added,” and “Tags” links. I don’t want those options for the site.

A question for those of you who are using Omeka: what will removing links and basic navigation, which came with the original theme, do to the site? I want to go beyond renaming those links and remove some altogether.

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2 Comments on “Playing with Omeka”

  1. colamaria Says:

    Nice work getting it up and running. You hit on the single biggest complaint I have about the default themes in Omeka – repetitive navigation. You can definitely control most of that using the Screen.CSS file and Header.PHP/Footer.PHP files under the theme directory. It is certainly possible to screw things up, but as long as you save early and often, you should be able to undo any unintended changes you make to the menus. Have fun hacking away…

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