Goulash Day!

I spoke with my coworkers, and any Tuesday we  choose I can leave work early and whip up a batch of goulash for the class. I’d rather do that than reheat it from the night before. Would next week be good? I’ll bring it to class. I assume that it’s okay to eat goulash in the lab.

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5 Comments on “Goulash Day!”

  1. lprice3 Says:

    Wow, Laszlo, that sounds wonderful!! 🙂

  2. colamaria Says:

    Well yeah! Make sure you give us advance notice so I won’t eat a big dinner before class.

  3. John Lemza Says:

    Bring it on! Should I bring a bib? I have my own spork. Let me know if you really need me to bring anything.
    Can’t wait!
    John Lemza

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