Type assignment up

I still have to change a few things, but I thought I’d post at least what I have so far. I’m having issues with the background color for some reason, but it could take a few days to fix that, and I don’t feel like waiting that long. I’m also not completely happy with the position of the pictures.

My other complaint (please keep this in mind when you review my site, Lynn and Rwany) is that I haven’t had a chance to put a link to a simplified version of the recipe. I imagine that it will look like a recipe in a book, with a basic list of ingredients, cooking times, etc. I’m worried that the page, as it is now, is too wordy.

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4 Comments on “Type assignment up”

  1. lprice3 Says:


    I enjoyed both of your sites and they made me hungry! I hope I can offer you some useful comments.

    The Portfolio site:
    I love this color scheme. It looks as though you matched the colors in the goulash perfectly! I also like that a visited link becomes orange as well. Nice touch.
    The first page has a main component that we talked about in Clio Wired: make your first page fit on the screen so the user doesn’t have to scroll.
    There are a lot of boxes on the page, which Prof. Petrik mentioned in class. I think there are a lot of “artsy” things you could do with this page, but I myself am not artsy enough to know what they are. Which is why I like boxes.
    Perhaps you could find a font for the header that is creative and reminds you of food or Hungarian history? (You actually may have done this and I just don’t have the font. If so, you can make the title an image so everyone can see the font.)

    The Type Assignment:
    Same comments as the portfolio about the great color scheme, boxes, header, etc.
    The pictures are great (I seriously want to eat this), but perhaps you could do more with them? After the first one, they are all down the right side of the page. Maybe alternate right and left, perhaps center? Try different sizes?
    For the last photo, I would make it stand out more than all the others since it is the finished product. It should say “ta da!” (Not literally of course.)
    You mentioned in your blog finding a simplified recipe that is less “wordy” as you put it. That would be a good addition.
    Maybe put the ingredients in the middle of the page in a different font to make them stand out more. I see you did make them larger – perhaps if there was increased leading, it would be even more readable.

    Overall, great sites! And if your goal is to make your users’ hungry—success!

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  3. rwanysibaja Says:

    The Portfolio site:
    I agree, the color scheme works well. My only recommendation is to make the color behind the text either the same color as the beige color on the side-marginal columns, or to choose a lighter or variation of either the beige or burnt-red color. In Photoshop terms, reduce the opacity and see what RGB color that constitutes; even a white background for the text would work since it matches the bowl, which contains the goulash content (just as your column contains the text). I also want to clarify that I strictly speaking about the greenish-hue behind the text, not the same color behind your column with the navigation. The navigation column should be a different color or tone than the text column.

    As far as Lynn’s comment on the header font, I agree that a neat font could be used (added into your CSS styling as an image)–but, the font you already have is not bad. You can also ask Alan Brody what types of fonts are common on menus. At least play with a more creative one to see if it works better.

    I also never clicked on your site before, and the links to GMU and Type were a different color than the rest. Was that intentional? I am looking at your site in Firefox (Mac) and the navigation colors are already orange, turn blue when I mouse-over them, but don’t change colors after I visit your links. That differs from Lynn’s experience.

    Last suggestion: try eliminating the dark outline-color around your columns, headers, and footers. See how that looks, I think it would be nicer since you used more earthy and muted tones.

    The Type Assignment:
    I concur on varying alignment and different sizes, as well as highlighting the finished product (perhaps when you click on it, you could see a full-size version so that users can really see a detailed look).

    The background behind the quote and ingredients could also be a different color (not necessarily in a floating box, but that could also work). Lynn mentioned a different font, perhaps here you can use a serif-font type like Times New Roman, or the one you used in you header/site name. Ideally, it would be nice if (down the road) you could have the recipe in a floating box that is in a fixed position, so that as you scroll down, it will stay in place on the screen: a ready-to-view-at-any-time reference. Maybe that’s a dumb idea, but the recipe is a little lost there in the middle.

    Photos: the lighting is dark, and the goulash dish is a bit hidden in the shadows. Is there a way to lighten the images?

    Lastly, when I click for a quick summary of the dish, it just shoots me back to the top.

    Great site. It’s simple, easy to understand, and the aesthetic feel is pleasant. Good luck!

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