Success again!

I just checked my email, and I have a message sitting there from Hunnia Filmstudio. They have approved my use of the documentary! They gave me a few basic guidelines, none of which are unexpected. Once we draft the contract and I sign it, I’m set. This is a big relief. I’ve put a few months into this, and I would have hated not to have their approval.

One of the nice benefits of this whole process is that I had to focus on exactly what I wanted. In my last email to Hunnia, I wrote exactly which clips I want and exactly how long they are down to the seconds. I have a well organized list in a spreadsheet, to which I can refer in the future. When I have a chance to breathe after finishing the type assignment, I’ll post that list of scenes here. I would love opinions from everyone about what to do with them. I have ideas right now, of course, but I always would like more.

Regardless, tonight I’m going to celebrate. One of my cousins is in town, and I’m going to have a beer with him and explain everything. As you can guess, my family is extremely interested in what I’m doing.

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One Comment on “Success again!”

  1. lprice3 Says:

    GREAT news, Laszlo! Congratulations!

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