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I think I made a mistake posting my blog replies for the first week. I listed them in a reply to one of my own posts. I’ll list them again here.

I commented on Dan Luddington´s blog, John Lemza´s blog, and Rachel Pooley´s blog.

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2 Comments on “Blog replies”

  1. John Lemza Says:

    I agree with your post on typography. I was also taken aback at the comment that bad type might be my fault. How could that be? But as we go through this class and gather the important bits of code and information we need we might be able to smooth out those sorts of ugly wrinkles and make our sites that much more bearable to the users. I really can’t wait to see your final project with your documentary. That should really be super. It seems to really tipify what digital history is all about, using new media to teach and to reach out to people. Brilliant!

    • laszlotaba Says:

      I’m starting to get a little more confidence about typography now, even though I’m still overwhelmed. I was reworking my CSS page, and I realized how important font sizes are for making a site clear (for good typography?). I’m sure as I do more, I’ll get much better than if I just tried to figure it out from a book.

      It seems, though, that you’re doing a great job. The cold warrior theme on your page is great. I like the color scheme. Did you choose blue to go along with the cold in cold war? If you don’t mind, I’m going to steal your idea to link to some external sites, like you do with the LSE and that Harvard program.

      I’m really anxious about the final project. I won’t feel completely confident about it until I have the contract for the film in my hands. Soon, I’m going to call them in Budapest and bug them over the phone.

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