One step closer to my big project

It’s time to celebrate! I just sent an email to Hunnia Films (their page seems to be this), the production company with the rights to the documentary that I will be using for my final project for this class. I needed to send a list of scenes to them and a short description of what I will be doing for the project. Judging from my contact with them last semester, it shouldn’t take too long for them to reply. At least, I’m giving myself plenty time and contacting them at the beginning of the semester.

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3 Comments on “One step closer to my big project”

  1. colamaria Says:

    That’s great! The clips you showed us last semester were pretty interesting. Are you planning to do excerpts, or the full film?

    • laszlotaba Says:

      I’m doing excerpts. Most clips are about :30-1:00, so a collectoin should be easy to put together without eating up too much memory. I’m crossing my fingers anyway.

  2. lprice3 Says:

    Congratulations! This is great news!!

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