My portfolio

Finally, I finished my portfolio assignment and posted it online today. Dr. Petrik may not have linked it to the site yet, so you can find it at Please don’t laugh too much when you see it.

At the moment, the site needs a great deal of work, but I am happy that I accomplished so much so far. Originally, I was building a site with a theme about Eastern European revolutions, but this morning the name Soviet Goulash came to me for some reason. I decided to redo the whole thing with that name and the theme of everday life under communism in Hungary. Sticking with local, everyday life fits my final project. I will try to find some interesting pictures of ordinary people for the image assigment later.

The thing I forgot to add to the site is a link to my family’s recipe for goulash. I am going to have an extra page for that along with pictures and information. I should think about cooking some and adding some pictures to the site. Incidentally, it I stay with the Soviet Goulash theme, I am probably going to change the color scheme of the site to red, which matches the commuist star, as well.

One thing I realized as I built the site is that I was overconfident after reading Stylin’. I expected to be able to do so much more with HTML, but somehow I kept becoming confused about basic things. I suppose confusion is a natural stage to go through while learning any new language. I plan to spend the rest of the week working on the site, reviewing code, and going to lab in the Johnson Center for extra help. Wish me luck.

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3 Comments on “My portfolio”

  1. Laszlo,

    I really like how to have created a personality for your site. By doing so you open up the possibilities to reach a wider audience. Someone simply looking for a recipe on goulash may find that they want to read further about communism in Hungary. Nicely done!

    • Laszlo Says:

      Wow. I’m really trying to improve the site. I spent all last evening cooking goulash, documenting what I was doing, and re-coding my portfolio. It’s a difficult assignment. You’re absolutely right, though. It’s a good move to include something “entertaining” in a website even about a serious, historical subject. I don’t think attracting people that way is necessarily cheap or wrong.

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