Hi everyone!

I thought I´d start with a little introduction here, as I haven´t been to class. I´m out of town trying to arrange an engagement, so this is the best introduction I can manage. Some of you know me through Clio Wired. For those of you I haven´t met yet, I´m an MA in history in my second semester. I´m studying European and applied history, and I find new media quite fascinating. Probably my main historical interests are in modern Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union.

What else? Well outside of Clio Wired last fall, I have a little experience with Web design, computer programming, and Photoshop, so I think this class is going to be quite helpful for me. Also, I have a project in mind that´s been my obsession since Clio Wired. A few months ago, I found a documentary on VHS with my grandparents in it, and I would like to turn that into my project for our class. The film is about the lives of seven people who lived through the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. Dr. Cohen was a great help with the first steps of the project, but this semester I plan to get much farther in it. I´ll write more about it soon.

There´s not much else to write at the moment. I will be attending our third class, and I look forward to meeting everyone. See you soon.

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One Comment on “Hi everyone!”

  1. rpooley Says:

    Hey Lazlo!
    I met someone who works with Eastern European film of your time frame, perhaps same interests. Might be interesting for you 2 to meet. Remind me when you come back.

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